The participating teams must have two town hall 11 players, one town hall 10 player and two town hall 9 players. Teams are free to use different accounts for differents round as long as the team format is respected. However, the same account can participate in the tournament in one and only one team for the duration of the tournament.

You can recruit players and find a team here =>


Registrations must be made on the ClashCup website ( by the team leader. They are open throughout the qualification phase in order to allow the teams informed or confirmed late to join the tournament.

Teams can register if and only if they can commit to respect the prerequisites of the tournament.

The games are based on the system of friendly wars in the game. These must be set on fifteen minutes of preparation time and one hour of “Warday”.


The tournament is online and in two phases:

– The first phase takes place over three weeks, from 11 June 2017 to 27 June 2017 (be carefull, first round draw on 10 June at 21h00). Three games per week and per team are expected, one on Tuesday evening, one on Friday evening and on Sunday evening at 9:00 pm. The ClashCup website tells each team their opponent 24 hours before the begening of a round. The site offers teams to contact opponent with a live chat by the time of the match to allow coordination on the launch of the war. This phase allows teams to collect qualification points determined by their results. The winning teams must report the result of the matches on the ClashCup website and the losing teams must confirm the score. After the last matches of this phase, the points of each team are counted and a ranking table  will be visible on the website.

– The four best ranked teams are invited to play the rest of the tournament on this second stage on 29th and 30th June at 21h00 for the 29/06 and 19h30 for the 30/06. During the first day, teams compete for the semi-finals. Each match is determined by the ClashCup website. Players enter the results on the ClashCup website as soon as the match is over.

The next day have the small final at 19:30 and the grand finale at 21:00. The results are entered on the ClashCup website by the organizers.

Requests for friendly war should be sent at 21:00. The teams have until 21:20 to accept otherwise they are declared forfeit.


Draw: after the draw, confrontations are visible on the website and the teams can see their opponent for the Round to come. Teams that sign up after the draw will not play the Round for which the draw took place.

Round: It’s time to start the match, to face the designated opponent.

ClashCup Online 2017 iT’s…

  • 2000€ Cash Prize
  • 1121 Teams
  • 5605 Players
  • 24 Arbitrators
  • 11 Streamers
  • 1847 Wars
  • More than 96 days of play
  • More than 18 hours of video with more than 340k viewers